Administration and Faculty

The educators at Queen’s Grant have been chosen from among the finest in America. With outstanding credentials and a determination to succeed, all have come with a purpose in mind: to challenge the students of Queen’s Grant in their education and to be involved in their lives. With the small classroom setting at Queen’s Grant, the focus on moral values and high level of academic learning, the faculty is dedicated to providing the highest quality of education at the high school level and preparing students for their college future.


Dr. Michael Smith Principal Email
Mary Rose Ramsey Assistant Principal Email
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Christine Amaral Chief Financial Officer Email
Vikki Earnhardt Registrar Email
Ashley Kummer Administrative Assistant Email
Anthony Gardzielik  IT Director Email
Travaul Godfrey Student Services Director Email
Josh Swartzlander Guidance Counselor Email
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Clinetta Allen Exceptional Children Email
Coley Angel Science Email
Cherri Bailey English Email  Website
Emily Bock Social Studies Email
Robert Bowman Paraprofessional Email
Elizabeth Brizendine  Mathematics Email
Robert Burnham Social Studies Email
Matthew Carr Social Studies Email
Ivory Coleman Mathematics Email
Carolyn Creswell Mathematics Email
Jo Crowe Science Email
Claudia De La Mora World Languages Email
Jay Forsythe Social Studies Email
Jordan Frederick English Email Website
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Dawne Hargett Paraprofessional Email
Ben Henkel World Languages Email
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Camille Martin  Paraprofessional Email
Glenda Massey Fine Arts Email  Website
Kathleen McDonough Mathematics Email
Eleanor Mends Exceptional Children Email
Elizabeth Mills Fine Arts Email Website
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Shelley Tippett Fine Arts Email  Website
Elizabeth Warshauer English Email

“Queen’s Grant High School is an outstanding college preparatory institution located in Matthews, North Carolina. The school provides a wide range of courses as well as a strong athletic program. The teachers are highly dedicated with a broad depth of experience that combines an enjoyable, interesting experience with challenging standards. It is the best school I’ve taught at in my 25 years of teaching!” R. Burnham(Teacher)