Excellence in Academic Achievement and Moral Character

College Planning and Guidance

The Guidance Program at QGHS is an integral part of the total school operation.

Its purpose is to adhere to and support the mission of the school.  Within the program of services, the guidance counselor is delegated with the responsibility of operating a comprehensive Guidance Program that seeks to facilitate the academic progress, the personal and social development, and the college/career decision-making processes for all high school students.  Overall, the Program’s services are intended to promote the growth and well-being of students throughout their high school careers.

“Queen’s Grant has provided me with the opportunities needed to focus and stay on the right track towards college. Unlike public schools, it specializes in getting students ready for college. I have enjoyed my four years at Queen’s Grant. The staff is helpful and the students are good natured.” K. Moise (Class of 2015)