History of Queen’s Grant High School

History of Queen’s Grant High School


The Beginning: An Elementary-Middle School

The vision for the Queen’s Grant Experience began in August 2002 with the opening of Queen’s Grant Community School (K-8). Located in the heart of Mint Hill, North Carolina, this school offers families throughout the region an alternative to the surrounding large district school Systems.

The smaller learning environment characterized by an emphasis on academic achievement and moral character has been exceedingly successful. Here, staff, educators and parents are able to partner together to build students with strong minds and personal integrity.

It wasn’t long before Queen’s Grant parents expressed a desire to build a high school so that the Queen’s Grant Experience would continue through high school years.

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A High School Extension of Queen’s Grant

A vision began to take form in December of 2006 when the State extended the Queen’s Grant charter to include grade 9 and 10, with a plan to grow by a single grade each school year through grade 12.

A Temporary Site

The doors of the high school opened in August 2007 with 120 students in grades 9 and 10, at its temporary location with rented space at Garr Christian Academy on Wallace Road in Charlotte. In the Queen’s Grant tradition, school leadership committed to recruiting highly qualified teachers, motivating each student to personal and academic excellence, and preparing students for post-secondary learning and success in life.

The Dream Fulfilled

On August 19 of 2009, Queen’s Grant High School opened its doors to almost 425 students from 40 different schools in the area, to begin a new chapter in the life of the school. The doors were again temporary, but they were standing on permanent soil. As the modules were assembled to accommodate 500 students, the teachers gathered to prepare  classes, and on the first day of school, Mint Hill had a permanent charter high school as a serious option for anyone in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg and surrounding districts.

The vision of a commitment to excellence in academic achievement and moral character through a charter school has been extended, in seven years, from kindergarten to the senior year of high school. The projected goal is to now become one of the finest schools in the state of North Carolina.

Today, you have a CHOICE in your child's education!

Queen’s Grant High School is a charter school that equips college-bound students with the right tools for academic success.

“Everyone at Queen’s Grant knows each other, the teachers connect well with the students. The small class sizes helped me learn better, and my education is more focused on me.” M. Watkins (Class of 2015)