All QG students have opportunities to participate in Drama Club and to audition for evening performances. 

Theatre students who are active in the QG Theatre Program can be inducted into International Thespian Society, an honor organization recognizing student achievement in theatre arts. Active students also have opportunities to attend field trips to see performances at Triad Stage, Matthews Playhouse, Appalachian State University, UNC-Greensboro, etc. 

The QG Theatre Program hosts a one act play in the fall, a playwriting contest in the winter, and a performance of student written, student directed plays in the spring. As the program grows we would consider doing larger performances such as a musical or full-length play. 

Theatre Arts I (Beginning) – This course trains students in introductory stage acting, vocal expression and body movement. Class activities include pantomime, improvisation, storytelling, monologues, theatre games, puppetry and partner scenes. Students will also broaden their understanding of theatre as an art form by studying theatre in various cultures and historical periods.

Theatre Arts II (Intermediate) – This course involves a more detailed study of acting, scenic design, playwriting and play analysis. Students will continue their study of theatre history and will have more opportunities for informal performances. Theatre II students will experience the roles of both actor and director and will also complete projects in mask making and stage make-up.  

Theatre III & IV (Proficient & Advanced) – These courses can be taken as an independent study or in a small group. Because students taking Theatre III and IV receive the “Honors” designation, there is a significant increase in the amount of independent work and personal responsibility required. Students will challenge themselves to better understand the role of theatre in society using challenging texts. Students read several full-length plays from the 20th century and use these plays to create written and scenic design projects. Students also have opportunities to practice playwriting and directing through developing a vignette play, a musical, and a children’s theatre performance. Students may repeat this course to earn the Theatre IV (Advanced) credit. Written coursework will be the same as in Theatre III (Proficient), but students will be assigned slightly different projects and will be paired with different students to complete the projects.