Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Charter schools are public schools that provide parents and students a choice in education. All charter schools are required to take State mandated tests and follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Local, state and federal dollars follow the student to the charter school based on per pupil spending. Charter schools abide by equal opportunity laws and do not discriminate, have religious affiliations and are tuition free.

Any student who lives in the state of North Carolina. You must provide documentation of a North Carolina residence. A driver’s License, utility bill, or lease agreement are all acceptable forms of documentation.

Our vision at Queen’s Grant is to foster a passion for learning and to equip college bound students with the tools for academic success. We will do this through an atmosphere that holds students firmly accountable for their actions in both academics and discipline. Queen’s Grant is a place of great opportunity for highly motivated students and actively involved parents.

Queen’s Grant students are on a traditional schedule where they take six classes a day, every day for the whole school year.

Yes, Queen’s Grant High School offers a very competitive athletic program. Our athletes participate in one of the most competitive conferences in the state of North Carolina.  We have a wide array of athletic opportunities that include 14 varsity sports.  We also offer our students the opportunity to play football with Carolina Pride organization.  For more information on the Pride, contact our Athletic Director Dan Kerr at  Queens Grant is always open to considering the addition of new athletic sports if our student numbers permit.  Even if a sport is not started right away, it’s very easy to get it off the ground as a club.

Queen’s Grant High School is a member of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. We are in a 1A classification and are in the Yadkin Valley Conference.

Yes, if your student is coming in as a 9th grader or if you have recently changed residence. However, if  your student is coming to Queen’s Grant High School entering into the 10th, 11th or 12th grade and your residence has remained the same there is a one year waiting period to be eligible to play on a sports team. This is a state rule. Special circumstances do exist. For details or questions please contact our Athletic Director, Dan Kerr at

Yes, we do. Each student that is involved in our program must enter school with an IEP or qualify for an IEP through the same standards and procedures as any other public school. Our program coordinator is Travual Godfrey. She may be reached by calling the school office at 704-545-0736.

Queen’s Grant High School is a tuition free charter school.

An initial application must be completed in its entirety and proof of residency submitted to the school before your student’s application is considered complete. Click the button below to visit our Admissions page for more details.

“Although QG is not the most glamorous school that I have attended, the people who grace our grand pathways are my favorite.The standards that teachers place are high, but very achievable. When I am struggling, I know that I can always ask my teacher for help. The Dean of the departments are so knowledgeable about the subjects they teach and I will never forget the impact that some of them have had on my life. This is the most accommodating school I have ever attended. I can honestly say that despite my good grades, I would have dropped out of school if I had not found my QG family. Even on days that I dread doing school work, I never disliked coming to school. I love my friends that I have met here and the challenge of my classes. Most of all, I love the staff!” Go Stallions K. Kaplan (Class of 2015)